Opening Ceremony Drop #3: The Ritual

Opening Ceremony Ritual Outline

  1. Preparations begin in the Discord.
  2. You will be called to make a Pilgrimage.
  3. Cooperation is helpful and perhaps necessary.
  4. Things will be seen and experienced.
  5. The devoted will complete the ritual and be blessed with genuine Sandalwood.
  6. The Sandalwood Incense will be bridged back to mainnet.
  7. With Sandalwood, you will be able to sacrifice $FRAX for $Temple.

How it all begins

How Do You Complete the Ritual?

How Do You Sacrifice Your $FRAX?

Can’t I just buy from the AMM and stake?

  • We expect it will be significantly cheaper to mint $TEMPLE on protocol via the ritual, rather than buying $TEMPLE from the AMM at market price
  • If you stake without completing the ritual, you will get a lower EPY of 0.70% per day (~1,200%) however with no lock period — you can unstake at any time via the exit queue
  • If you buy on the AMM, and also complete the Opening Ceremony, you will be able to roll any free $TEMPLE in your wallet into the ritual stake-and-lock contract alongside $TEMPLE minted from your $FRAX sacrifice

I’m a Fire Ritualist, Do I Need to Complete the Ritual?

Final notes



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