Temple Ascend Launches September 6

Timeline to launch

Who will be able to participate?

What are the sizes and timing of the Ascension auctions?

What is the goal for these auctions?

What is the outlook for people who decide to stay?

  • Templars who stay staked will enjoy the yields that sellers forfeit by exiting vaults
  • Treasury will shrink as $DAI is sold for $TEMPLE
  • Some $TEMPLE bought will be used for yield in vaults, other $TEMPLE will be burned to shrink supply and grow current farming power per token in current circulating supply
  • Price will rise, reducing nominal yield in vaults for new stakers
  • $TEMPLE held by Treasury will be burned, no longer planned to enter circulating supply
  • Some $TEMPLE held by DAO for product development, marketing and partnerships will be burned, no longer planned to enter circulating supply
  • The above two actions will grow the Intrinsic Value per token in total/future user supply (this includes the remaining DAO tokens)
  • The hard floor we used to defend $TEMPLE at ($0.65 today) will turn into a soft floor at some higher level — the final price depends on action during Ascend
  • Price will be volatile around this soft floor, and TempleDAO will implement a non-continuous mechanic as-needed to ensure price does not stay too far below this floor.
  • Multiple products in the STAX pipeline that will generate revenues above and beyond what is possible on Convex
  • Growing and executing on opportunities in the bribe market to sustainably enhance yields on protocol owned liquidity (and expand into new LPs/stable pairs)
  • DAO-exclusive revenue sharing agreements with Yearn and other blue-chip protocols
  • Potential framework for Core Vaults 2.0 which will give stakers more vault options, potentially including user-created vaults under certain conditions
  • TempleDAO Nexus rituals and experiences
  • Final phase of novel representative governance model (extending current chamber led decision making into bottom up elections, moving further towards our goal of full decentralization)



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