Temple Investment on Convex

Temple Gates Ritual Recap

  • Built-in price floor
  • Floating threshold price over which the protocol can mint new tokens to fill a portion of market buys
  • Deep liquidity pool
  • Exit queue that smooths out sales volume

Temple Enters the Curve Wars

  • Generate significant revenue (over 20% variable APR as of this writing)
  • Invest in one of the deepest liquidity pools in all of DeFi (more than $2B as of this writing) with minimum slippage in and out
  • Keep our investment fully liquid, with virtually no risk of impermanent loss
  • Focus on the most trusted (highest TVL) and battle-tested protocol, therefore minimizing smart contract risks
  • Earn reward incentives in strategic assets that can be compounded for higher returns (by converting and staking CRV rewards for 50%+ APR), or locked to start earning protocol bribes (by locking CVX and delegating to Votium)
  • Obtain Nexus coverage to insure our funds against Convex smart contract risk
  • Diversify into more stablecoins
  • Allocate a portion of our funds to a lending protocol
  • Expand to other chains and L2s
  • Single Staking Options vault (SSOV) to facilitate Covered Calls sales
  • Gain strategic assets in a more direct manner

Farming Wallet

What’s Next?



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