TempleDAO Roadmap

What is Temple

  1. Community first
  2. Long term value creation
  3. Automated and simple — not fast-twitch casino trading
  • Active portfolio management
  • Watching bar charts
  • Adrenaline-fueled entries and exits
  • Wasting gas moving between protocols or swapping coins
  • Implementing overly complex or cumbersome strategies on your own
  • Stake your desired asset in the Temple
  • Select from the best community-driven derivatives strategies
  • Choose your desired risk / return level
  • Save on gas by pooling together with other Templars
  • Let the automated strategy do all the work

Choose your risk level

Curated investment pools with automated trading strategies

The next generation of DeFi investing

First step first



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In a world of volatility, the Temple of long term wealth creation is where disciples come to stake, sleep easy, and chill. Join Discord: discord.gg/frCbCrGv2U