TempleDAO and Caviar Partner to Provide Liquidity to Novel NFT AMM

4 min readJul 6, 2023

The on-chain facilitator of stable wealth creation, TempleDAO, partners with the Non Fungible Token Automated Market Maker (NFT AMM), Caviar, to further their foray into the NFT Finance space by providing liquidity into the innovative early-stage trading protocol with Milady Maker and Pudgy Penguin collection pieces.

Caviar, the team behind the novel NFT AMM, regularly releases research papers on NFT Finance to push innovation in the field. The team recently released its v2 pools to allow LPs like TempleDAO to allocate their assets within specific price ranges, rather than across the entire price spectrum. This way, liquidity can be focused where it is most likely to be utilised which improves capital efficiency, reduces slippage, and potentially increases returns.

To maximize treasury returns, TempleDAO will be making use of both Caviar’s classic “Shared Pools” as well as the more feature-rich “Custom Pools”, that allows for customizable parameters, such as concentrated liquidity, stolen NFT filtering, custom fee rates, flash loan support, and NFT weightings.

TempleDAO will be utilising the sophisticated Caviar pools to deposit the NFTs from popular collections to be paired alongside ETH into their respective collection pools. Since the price of TEMPLE is indexed to its treasury allocations via a purpose-built Automated Market Operator, RAMOS, positive performance of the Caviar LP positions would mean more value would accrue to its holders.

With this partnership, TempleDAO and Caviar aim to inspire others to follow suit, in order to create an outsized net positive impact on NFT liquidity across all major collections.

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“Lately the NFT market has been quite tumultuous. TempleDAO is one of the rare groups that strives to find unique opportunities in this volatile market and create solid strategies around those opportunities. We’re pumped to be working with them as an early-stage NFTfi protocol, providing them with a unique playground to generate premium yield by deepening liquidity on Caviar and creating a stable floor for several collections. We hope this is one of many partnerships that we create at Caviar with the goal of enriching the NFT liquidity ecosystem as a whole, and are very excited to see how this plays out.” — Tamagoyaki, Co-Founder of Caviar

“We are blessed to work with an amazing team like Caviar, and excited to help drive the NFTfi movement through spot liquidity support for Caviar Shared & Custom Pools while also creating value for TEMPLE holders. We can’t wait to see how this project will grow and look forward to following their journey to become the premier destination for sourcing NFT liquidity.” — Lux, Chief NFT Enjoyooor at TempleDAO

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TempleDAO was created to facilitate long-term, stable wealth creation with a community-first mindset, and to elevate the overall DeFi experience for investors.

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About Caviar

Caviar is an on-chain, gas-efficient automated market maker (AMM) protocol for trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with ERC20 tokens and ETH, supporting both whole and fractional amounts.

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