TempleDAO: RFV

  1. What is RFV?
  2. How has RFV been used at Temple?
  3. How will TempleDAO return RFV value?
  4. Liquidation event
  5. What’s coming next?

1/ What is RFV?

2/ How has RFV been used at TempleDAO?

3/ How will TempleDAO return RFV value and more?

  1. Modify the mechanics to achieve our original mission above (product title: Temple Core Vaults)
  2. Achieve product-market fit with these mechanics as measured by growth in value staked by new wallets staking $TEMPLE into vaults
  3. Sustain price appreciation driven by strong demand for $TEMPLE and incentivized locking into vaults
  4. Deliver yield per token at a level above what a user can achieve by themselves through natural and direct leverage within TempleDAO

4/ Liquidation event

5/ What’s coming next?

  • STAX pre-launch (Temple LP)
  • Temple Core Vaults
  • DAO Game (governance Phase 2)
  • Temple Nexus (puzzles re-launched)
  • Representative Governance (Phase 3)
  • Full STAX launch (automation & more)
  • Temple Metaverse




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